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Well here we are 3 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the world as we know it has changed forever.

Other than the World Wars, the impacts on society and the economy are unprecedented – however life and business goes on and the professions we service (accounting and legal) will come out the other end with some faring better than others.

In these challenging times it is the firms with a well thought out strategic plan, and whom have the capability to execute on that plan, that are best positioned for future success.

On that note, I recommend to you Westpac’s recent “Professional Services : Beyond 2020 report”.

This report provides insights into some key areas that accounting and legal firms should be focused when navigating the “next normal”.

The report features commentary from a number of industry leaders covering topics such as:

  • strategic planning,
  • technology and innovation,
  • working capital management,
  • governance and risk.

FeeSynergy is honoured to be featured in this report.

As a strategic partner of Westpac, we work closely with their professional services team lead by Paul Goessler.  

Westpac recognises the value, in terms of working capital / cash flow, that FeeSynergy brings to its client firms through our debtor management platform called FeeSynergy Collect.

FeeSynergy Collect is used by hundreds of leading accounting and legal firms across Australia and New Zealand.

With real time access to portfolio level data (such as billings, debtors and payments), FeeSynergy has unique insights enabling us to compare current against historic and identify emerging trends.

The report is well worth 20 minutes of your time.

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