For many accounting firms, the process of issuing and maintaining annual Engagement Letters is an administrative headache. To solve this problem, FeeSynergy has created FeeSynergy Engage.

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FeeSynergy Engage ticks all the boxes...

  • Fully integrated with FeeSynergy Collect and all leading practice
    management systems including MYOB AE/AO, Reckon APS, CCH iFirm,
    GreatSoft, Xero PM
  • Customised engagement letter and proposal templates
  • Fully encrypted digital signatures
  • Bank approved Direct Debit option
  • Rich tracking and reporting
  • Unlimited Engagement Letters
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Compliance – APES 305 Terms of Engagement standards
  • Unlimited Savings – Direct Debits $0.30 cents each

FeeSynergy Engage Questions

The FeeSynergy Collect platform manages all aspects of debtor management. FeeSynergy’s view is that debtor management best practice starts from the moment a firm engages with a client to do work. It makes perfect sense that the Collect platform not only manages Engagement Letters but also the Proposal process.

Yes. FeeSynergy Collect Engage has an inbuilt recurring Direct Debit option which is perfect for managing fixed fee arrangements.

Yes. During the design phase our clients made it clear that they wanted to be able to use their own approved templates. These templates are set up in Engage and customised to suit the firm’s requirements by our experienced team.

No. You can have as many templates as you need for each of your business divisions.

Yes. Engage is extremely flexible and can be set up with a range of documents that will benefit from digital completion, work flow tracking and reporting.

FeeSynergy Collect is fully integrated with MYOB AE/AO, Reckon APS, Xero, CCH iFirm and GreatSoft. Engage is the perfect solution for all accounting firms irrespective of which PM system they use.

FeeSynergy Collect Performance Stats

$ 0.91 B
Fee Revenue Managed
Average Debtor Days
$ 74 M
Processed Payments
Invoices Managed

In the last 12 months

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