FeeSynergy Collect is Bursting with Features

FeeSynergy Collect is a truly unique and feature rich software platform that provides a complete range of integrated debtor management solutions for accounting and legal firms.

Automatic email reminders

Online Payment Arrangements

Client Self-Serve Invoices and Statements

Online Payment Gateway

Partner & Manager Dashboard

Outsourced Accounts Receivable Service

Integrated Direct Debits

Engagement Letters and Proposals

Integrated Fee Finance Instalment options

Increases Cashflow

With all leading practice management systems

Automated Debtor Management Platform

  • Friendly emails to clients to remind them that your bill is overdue
  • Emails reminders are customised to suit the firm’s requirements
  • Customised work flow reminders sent at intervals set by the firm
  • Clients can click on the email reminder to make payment
  • Clients can view Invoices and Statements online

Increases Cashflow

More money in the firms bank account makes it easier for the firm to grow

Online Payment Gateway

  • Secure - PCI DSS compliant
  • Enables clients to make credit card or debit card payments 24/7
  • Inbuilt smarts to distinguish between Credit cards and Debit cards – enables compliance with ACCC surcharging rules
  • Clients can click on the email reminder to make payment
  • Bank to bank transactions – no third parties involved in the transaction
  • Lowest merchant fees in industry means you can afford not to pass a surcharge onto your clients

Increases Cashflow

With all leading practice management systems

Monthly payment option

  • Our monthly payment facility is utilised by hundreds of accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand. Enables the firm’s clients to pay by the due date
  • Client signs simple agreement to pay invoiced amount in equal monthly instalments over an agreed term
  • We pay the full invoice amount to the firm within 5 days
  • We do all the work managing the monthly direct debits

What to look for in a proper debtor management
system suitable for Accounting & Legal firms

 FeeSynergy Collect 
Management Dashboard
Customised automated email reminders
Customised reminder work flow
Reports - rich and easy to create
Clients can view their statements online 24/7
Clients can view their invoices online 24/7
Your invoice/s customised with links for clients to click to pay
Payment Gateway embedded in your website (not a 3rd party pop up)
Payment Gateway transactions are bank to bank - no 3rd parties
Payment Gateway differentiates between credit and debit cards
Your firm's names appears on the client's receipt and bank statement
Monthly payment options

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