What leading Australian and NZ Accounting and
Legal Firms are saying about FeeSynergy Collect

Banks Group implemented Fee Synergy Collect in March 2018. The results were instantaneous with 90 day debtors reducing by 25%. The agile technology enables changes to be made as we make suggestions for enhancements whilst working on the platform.  This is definitely the best software implementation I have done in years.

Linda Wah, General Manager VIC

At Bentleys, we have found FeeSynergy Collect an intuitive, easy to use system. The user interface and dashboard has equipped us with the right information to make fast and smart decisions. We have experienced an immediate reduction in debtors, our processing time has been reduced and key system features have enabled better communication. We are highly satisfied with this great system.

Melanie Dawe, Business Manager SA

DFK Crosbie has been utilising FeeSynergy Collect software for 10 months. Partners reluctantly agreed to its implementation however now they agree the results are fantastic with debtor days having reduced by 15%. The information we can extract is live and our bank account reflects the improved cash flow.

Maureen Jack, General Manager NSW

We have been working with FeeSynergy for over 10 years utilising their fee funding and also their online payment gateway.  When the FeeSynergy Collect software became available we were very pleased to integrate this into our debtor management process.  The team at FeeSynergy worked closely with us to customise the software to our requirements.  Since its launch in February 2018 we have seen a significant decrease in both our outstanding debtors and the work required to manage them.  We now have an easy, automated system with clear record of the actions taken in respect of each invoice and debtor.  I would not hesitate to recommend FeeSynergy Collect.

Karen Robinson, General Manager QLD

The experienced team at FeeSynergy have a great understanding of how accounting firms work and the challenges associated with collecting fees for services provided. After three months of implementing the Collect debtor management system we can already see the benefits of reduced debtor days and increased efficiency in our debt collection process.

Belinda Butler Operations Manager SA

We implemented FeeSynergy late last year and it is hands
down the best experience I have ever had implementing a
new system. It is an excellent program and the support we
received from FeeSynergy staff during the implementation
and roll out was excellent! If you are frustrated by your
debtor management process, then don’t even think twice,
you will love FeeSynergy.

Melissa Burrows, Operations Manager

FeeSynergy Collect has been a valuable addition to our services. We have seen significant improvements in our debtor days as well as increased efficiency in our debtor management processes.  It also provides convenience to our clients, making it easy for them to pay and access information about their account.

Chris Jarvis Finance, Finance Manager SA

We’ve been using Fee Synergy for fee funding for a while now, however we still required a better solution to manage our client communications for outstanding invoices. We implemented Fee Synergy Collect and the Fee Synergy Payment Gateway, and within 6 months it has cut our debtor days by two-thirds. Approximately 80% of our outstanding invoices are now current and our 90+ day debtors are now a rounding error! Our support staff always found that debtor phone calls were a struggle, however with this function now automated, they are finding that most clients are paying before or on the due date.

Scott Edden, Partner NSW

After the seamless implementation of FeeSynergy Collect in April this year, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our weekly and monthly receipting, with our debtor days decreasing from 46 days pre-implementation down to 27 days at present. This has in turn greatly improved the working capital position of our firm.

Peter Lalor Managing Director VIC

FeeSynergy Collect simply makes sense. The old adage – cash is king is as true as ever. A great system that is user friendly and support is also the key. Collect delivers on all fronts. November 2018 was a record month of collections for us largely due to the Collect system- getting our average debtors days at one point down to 24. I cannot think of a single reason not to use FeeSynergy Collect.

Geoff Worsley, General Manager SA

FeeSynergy Collect has changed the way we administer debtors in our practice. It reduced our debtor days from over 60 days to below 30 days within a very short period of time.  The administration time in collections has also minimised allowing the team to focus on valued client services. The software is easy to use and quick to implement.  

Sevan Tuna, Director VIC

What drew us initially to the FeeSynergy Collect Debtor Management system, was the ability to streamline our debtor processes, and find some resource efficiency benefits. Not only did we achieve that, we also found that the client experience meant better outcomes as far as collection times, and an overall reduction in our debtor days. The FeeSynergy team was fantastic throughout the implementation period, and their ongoing support has been outstanding.

Tony Butler, CFO SA

We have only recently implemented FeeSynergy Collect but it has already proved its worth by lowering the cost of debt collection and improving the client experience by providing online access to their accounts and offering payments by EFT, Credit Card, Direct Debit and flexible Funding Arrangements.

Tony March, General Manager VIC

The team at FeeSynergy Collect continues to exceed our expectations. The provide a professional cost-effective service which has transformed our collections process, dramatically reduced our debtor days and releasing significant working capital.   The Fee Synergy platform allows for seamless oversight and control at a partner level while leaving the collections to those that do it best. Allowing our team to spend our time focusing on the aspects of our business that add maximum value. FeeSynergy Collect work alongside us to deliver a collection policy that aligns with our values, allowing us to maintain your relationships while ensuring we get paid for your hard work. Best of all, our clients love the tone and delivery of the reminder service, generally paying well before the invoice due date. I highly recommend FeeSynergy Collect to anyone looking to grow a modern commercial accounting practice. 

Tim Le Compte, Director NZ

Kendons have been using Feesynergy Collect since December 2019 and it has been a gamechanger!

We now have an overview at our fingertips of who our Debtors are, days overdue, and where the balances are at. Reminders go out automatically, tasks/follow-ups/notes/payment plans are easy to manage in Feesynergy Collect and the support from the team is superb. We would recommend Feesynergy Collect to anyone looking to streamline their debtor management processes and gain time to do other things.

Natalie Marriott, Administration Manager NZ

Before transitioning to FeeSynergy our debtors function wasn’t automated and was run by a full-time team member. This resulted in debtors of approximately A$2.5 million at an average 67 debtor days. Since implementing FeeSynergy in 2019, we have freed up our debtors team to pursue other tasks, with our total debtors reduced to approximately A$1.1 million and debtor days are down to 34. Cash flow is critical for all businesses and FeeSynergy has delivered exceptional results in managing our cash flow.

David Cox, Director NSW

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