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FeeSynergy is the world leader in debtor management solutions for accounting and legal firms.

The FeeSynergy Collect software platform brings together the full range of FeeSynergy’s debtor management solutions enabling clients to accelerate cash flow and slash average debtor days.


Automatic email reminders

Online Payment Arrangements

Client Self-Serve Invoices and Statements

Online Payment Gateway

Partner & Manager Dashboard

Outsourced Accounts Receivable Service

Integrated Direct Debits

Integrated Fee Finance Instalment options

80% Time Reduction

In time spent chasing debtors

Automated Debtor Management Platform

Increases Cashflow

More money in the firms bank account makes it easier for the firm to grow

Online Payment Gateway

Fully integrated

With all leading practice management systems

Monthly payment option

What to look for in a proper debtor management
system suitable for Accounting & Legal firms

 FeeSynergy Collect 
Management Dashboard
Customised automated email reminders
Customised reminder work flow
Reports - rich and easy to create
Clients can view their statements online 24/7
Clients can view their invoices online 24/7
Your invoice/s customised with links for clients to click to pay
Payment Gateway embedded in your website (not a 3rd party pop up)
Payment Gateway transactions are bank to bank - no 3rd parties
Payment Gateway differentiates between credit and debit cards
Your firm's names appears on the client's receipt and bank statement
Monthly payment options


FeeSynergy Collect integrates with leading Accounting & Legal Practice Management Software.

We collaborate directly with the leading Practice Management Software vendors to ensure that the API connections between our applications are reliable, secure, supported and deliver the best possible outcomes for our respective clients.
The Collect debtor management platform is so well regarded in the industry that the practice management vendors recommend it to their own clients.

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