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The single largest Asset on the balance sheet of a professional services firm is typically Debtors. Managing debtors really well is an art, and access to timely management information is key to getting the best outcomes.    

For managers, the days of running a Aged debtors report that produces a lengthy line by line operational report are gone.  These days real time dashboards of meaningful data represented as graphs that can be interrogated with “drill thru” functionality is where things are at.

A well-designed dashboard allows at a glance, a view of the key performance metrics and point to areas in the business that require special attention. When it comes to visual display and quick access to debtor data, FeeSynergy Collect’s dashboard “ticks all the boxes”.

FeeSynergy is the #1 provider of debtor management software and finance solutions for accounting and legal firms. Our flagship product, FeeSynergy Collect, is a cloud-based end-to-end debtor management platform used by hundreds of leading accounting and legal firms across Australia and New Zealand.

At FeeSynergy, we are firm believers of an old saying attributed to Management thinker Peter Drucker who is quoted as saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Hence why, at the heart of FeeSynergy Collect is a powerful Dashboard reporting engine that draws key debtor related data together into a single screen. Users can see at a glance key data that will draw their management attention to areas of underperformance or requiring remedial action.

To be most effective Dashboards should incorporate the following characteristics:

  • Timely – ideally based on real time data
  • Visually appealing – use of colour and a range of graph types is ideal
  • Drill through capability  – the ability to get to the detail simply by clicking on a particular bar in a bar graph
  • Customisation – the ability to tailor the various graphs at a user level is best practice.  Swap widgets at a user level so each user can have a personalised view ensures the right focus at the right level of the organisation
  • Meaningful – any graph included on the dashboard should provide valuable insights into the area that you are looking to manage and keep in control.  Widgets at team, department and partner, manager level

At FeeSynergy we have taken these characteristics into consideration in designing our comprehensive dashboard capability.

Importantly, because FeeSynergy Collect is fully integrated with the firm’s practice management system, the metrics and information displayed is in real-time. Having this information so freely available enables partners and managers to discuss the firm’s debtor position (and thus Cashflow) and make informed decisions and initiate immediate action/s during their debtor or finance committee meetings. We refer to this as a dynamic debtors meeting.

The FeeSynergy Collect dashboard is comprised of a wide range of what we refer to as “widgets”. These Widgets are mini-reports that display the firms Collect data in various types of graphs. Many of the widgets allow the user to “drill thru” to access the detail behind a particular data point. Collect users are able to customise their own dashboard with a library of widgets that are relevant to their role.

Some of the widgets available in the FeeSynergy Collect Dashboard include:

  • Debtors Breakdown
  • Aged Debtors  – 30, 60 , 90 as at now
  • Aged Debtor Trend – 30, 60 , 90 at the end of each of the previous months as a trend graph
  • Debtors by Partner – Depending on the set up of the firm’s practice management system, this data can also be displayed by Manager or Team
  • Email reminders sent /opened
  • Credit management activities – tracking of activities undertaken by the credit/AR team such as tasks closed, notes taken, payment arrangements initiated, direct debit requests initiated

Newly released

  • Engagement letters – details of all letters sent to, and returned completed from clients. Compliance made easy!
  • FeeSynergy Insights – pie chart showing a portfolio view of your client base credit scores. Just how credit worthy are your clients and how does your client base stack up from a risk perspective?
  • and more …

Our rich reporting and Dashboard capability is yet another reason why the firms using FeeSynergy Collect achieve the great Debtors results that they do.

Dashboards are an essential tool for partners and managers to stay in touch with how the business is performing.

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