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Bstar Grant Bloxham

Most accountants recognise Bstar as a company that invented a business valuation tool. We asked CEO Grant Bloxham about his company and its transformation and future direction.

Grant Bloxham | CEO Bstar

What does Bstar look like in 2018 and beyond?

Over the last 18 months we have made substantial changes to improve and enhance our service offering. Our online Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice (viba) platform provides accountants with the structure and processes to introduce and grow high margin and profitable value-adding services.

In line with our new trademark ‘Knowing is Growing’ new program features include automated and predictive advisory solutions, additional industry specialisation packages, CFO/Board of Advice programs, research updates, SME & industry insights and benchmarking information.

What future trends do you see for accounting practices offering business advisory services?

In order to create leverage in their practice, the delivery of ‘operational’ advisory services will be centred on professional staff not partners or directors.

We have identified up-to-five opportunities to generate new revenue streams from existing clients, from the provision of family office services targeting SME, ME and high net-worth individuals and supported by sounding board services such CFO and Board of Advice programs.

To protect and attract high-value clients, industry specialisation services will be an essential part of a practice’s service offering. Furthermore, we see predictive analysis and advice playing a greater role rather than

simply relying on historical and/or real-time information.

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