Together, FeeSynergy Collect and Xero provide an end-to-end solution for Debtor Management for Accounting firms, automating and systemising debtor management reminders, workflows, tasks and payments (debit/credit card and direct debits).

Transform your Accounting firms Debtor Management

  • Efficiency and effectiveness built in from the ground up
  • Manage debtors by exception
  • Automated reminders sent to overdue clients using your business rules
  • Clients can view invoices and statements online
  • Comprehensive Integration at Debtor and invoice level
  • Rich end client user experience embeded in your website… not a pop up
  • Your clients pay online faster than ever imagined 24x7x365

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Don't have a Xero account?

Xero is easy-to-use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small business.

Everything to better manage your Debtors

Ditch the need to toggle between your Practice management system, Excel spreadsheets, and Outlook whilst improving productivity & providing great service. FeeSynergy Collect will transform how you manage debtors!

  • Management Dashboard
  • Customised automated email reminders
  • Customised reminder work flow
  • Reports – rich and easy to create
  • Clients can view their statements online 24/7
  • Clients can view their invoices online 24/7
  • Your invoice/s customised with links for clients to click to pay
  • Payment Gateway embedded in your website (not a 3rd party pop up)
  • Payment Gateway transactions are bank to bank – no 3rd parties
  • Payment Gateway differentiates between credit and debit cards to ensure best pricing and compliance with ACCC regulations in relation to surcharging
  • Only your firm name appears on the client’s receipt and bank statement
  • Monthly payment options

FeeSynergy & Xero Integration

FeeSynergy’s integration with Xero is best-in-class — so good that you’ll never need to think about it. It just works.

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