FeeSynergy’s Implementation Team and their Crucial Role in Customer Experience

In the fourth part of our five part series, we hear from implementation manager Nick Ebb to understand the experience clients receive throughout the software implementation process and post go-live ongoing support. For FeeSynergy, implementing a client’s chosen FeeSynergy solution isn’t just about the technology at hand, but includes building a relationship that ensures the client is confident in how to optimise the way they use the system to achieve best practice outcomes. 

The Implementation Team

The Implementation Team is responsible for onboarding new clients, ensuring a smooth transition for clients who have just purchased any of the FeeSynergy products. Whether this is Fee Funding, Payment Gateway Solutions or the Flagship Collect system, the team are here to support clients in their first steps to better cash flow. Alongside onboarding new clients, they provide ongoing support to existing clients, addressing all queries and troubleshooting technical issues.

Building Client Relationships from Scratch

Building strong client relationships from the very beginning, especially with new clients who are often apprehensive about implementing new software, is essential to the experience. By prioritising a fantastic onboarding experience they deliver a crucial step in instilling trust and confidence. As part of the “kickoff” meeting with new clients, they not only explain the project but also directly connect to the client’s practice management system and bring the data across.This breaks down the dashboard with their own specific information and provides clients with the immediate value and sense of accomplishment.

“This is an opportunity to humanise us, prove that we’re not just software providers and that we are here to help.”

Tailoring Solutions to Each Client

FeeSynergy understands that each client is unique, and their software solutions need to reflect that. By conducting workflow workshops to understand how each firm operates they are able to identify gaps and offer tailored solutions. These workshops not only dig up the essential information to create an optimal system, it fosters trust and encourages open communication between the client and their implementation manager, leading to long-term positive relationships.

“We assess their policies and processes, identifying gaps and areas for improvement. We’re really keen to understand how their firm actually works so that we can tailor a solution to them.”

Overcoming Implementation Hurdles

FeeSynergy acknowledges that some clients come into the implementation process with reservations, often based on negative experiences with other software providers. FeeSynergy’s implementation team addresses these concerns by ensuring transparency, setting expectations, and guiding clients through each step of the process. Their goal is to make clients feel at ease and confident about the implementation.

“It’s our job to give the client a fantastic onboarding experience, we walk them through the process and explain that this is not going to be like any other implementation they’ve had before.” 

Support as a Priority

FeeSynergy’s commitment to customer service extends beyond implementation. The team prioritises providing support to clients. They aim to answer 85 – 90% of support tickets on the same business day they are raised, ensuring that clients never feel left in the dark or experience extended downtime. Clients can access live chat support during business hours, and their support requests are handled promptly.

“If a client has a technical issue, we’re on the frontline of answering those questions.” We answer 85 – 90% of our support tickets within the same business day of them being raised, it’s our top priority.” “Providing support feels more like passion than rules for how we work.”

Client Feedback Drives Enhancements

FeeSynergy actively seeks client feedback to improve its software. When clients suggest enhancements or new features, the team engages in open discussions, providing clients with insight into the feasibility and impact of their suggestions. Even if a suggested enhancement is not pursued, FeeSynergy ensures that clients understand the reasoning behind the decision.

The Wow Factor

With a large and growing list of happy FeeSynergy clients, we wanted to know what was the most common feedback they received.

How immediate is the impact on their business? How quickly their day-to-day workload is reduced?  How much cash comes in the door? “75% of firms had a 10% improvement within the first month of going live”… “and half the firms had a 30% reduction in their debtor days”. “Many firms come to us with average debtor days between 60 and 90 days.  For a firm with turnover of $5mil this equates to between $850k and $1.25mil in debtors. By adopting our best practice recommendations these firms will achieve rapid cash flow improvements and be able to maintain sub-30 day average debtor days ongoing. We’ve had many firms reduce their debt by 75% in the first three months of going live with minimal human interaction.”

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“After comparing against a few other companies our office engaged in FeeSynergy services back in 2017, we found the service and cost to our clients was unmatched. Since we came on board with FeeSynergy, I have seen a significant drop in our debtors. We find it easier to approach clients with a monthly payment plan with no hidden costs, some of our clients even sign up to it each time their annual accounts come around. With the added bonus that once it is all set up FeeSynergy will follow up the payments helps our admin team immensely. The FeeSynergy team are absolutely amazing and always gone above and beyond to help in any way they possibly can to make not only us but our clients satisfied. Thank you FeeSynergy for the past 6 years of service with many more to come.”

Jasmine Bennett – VANTAGE – Tax & Business Services

“We implemented FeeSynergy late last year and it is hands down the best experience I have ever had implementing a new system. It is an excellent program and the support we received from FeeSynergy staff during the implementation and roll out was excellent! If you are frustrated by your debtor management process, then don’t even think twice, you will love FeeSynergy.”

Melissa Burrows – Turnbull Hill Lawyers

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