FeeSynergy: Enhancing Business Growth and Client Experience

In the second of our five part series, we take a look at how FeeSynergy’s customer centric ethos has been adopted by the Business Development team.  

Part 2: Business Development – Presenting Solutions 

For the Business Development team, customer service is not just an aspiration, it’s at the heart of everything they do. This article delves into a conversation with our Business Development General Manager Laz Simonovski in which he discusses how FeeSynergy’s customer-centric approach enables his team to identify and provide practical and effective solutions to problems that are common (but sometimes unique) to accounting and legal firms. With FeeSynergy, there are no “smoke and mirrors”!

Solutions provided by FeeSynergy are Based on Deep Industry Knowledge

When an accounting or legal firm engages with our Business Development’s team, the team’s priority is to gain a full understanding of the unique challenges the client is faced with and then apply their deep industry knowledge to come up with a great solution that will work best for the business and key stakeholders (including their own customers). Clients have confidence in our services, not only from a technical perspective, but also by the personal support of the business.

“The FeeSynergy ethos is whenever we design and build our tech, we take into consideration the firm. From the beginning, we make sure we are uncovering what their problem is and explaining how our tech can solve this. We demonstrate in detail (no smoke and mirrors!) how our systems can be the solution for not just them, but also the end client.”

The Bigger Picture: What Can FeeSynergy Collect Do For You?

During the product demo stage, our clients will gain valuable insight into the Collect platform’s capabilities and how the software will enhance business operations, leading to substantial savings and efficient processes. Most firms who engage FeeSynergy have a big issue with debtor management and cash collection; it is very common for them to have average debtor days over 90 days. The initial benefits of implementing Collect are easy to identify but the bigger picture of what Collect can really do is the WOW factor. 

  • From the comprehensive dashboard 
  • To automated debtor reminders
  • To multiple payment options
  • To integrated engagement letters
  • To integrated identity verification biometrics 

There are countless features that will improve the efficiency of the entire firm. 

“From a partner point of view, they’ll be wowed by the dashboard. From the credit manager point of view, they’ll be wowed by the automated email reminders. From the finance and accounts manager’s point of view, they’ll be wowed by the payment gateways. From the IT manager point of view, they’ll be wowed by the system integration and data security layers. Each person in the demo has something to be excited about”

The Price of an End Clients’ Experience

“Can you put a price on your end clients’ experience?” 

At FeeSynergy “we don’t just think about you, we also think about your end client”, “all of our features, benefits, savings, efficiencies are the same for you as they are your client”. The Collect Platform has been specifically designed to enhance the experience of everyone involved. Whether it’s an Accounting or Legal firm trying to reduce debtor days or an end client looking for ways to complete payments. This platform seamlessly integrates with multiple practice management systems while providing a state of the art self-service user experience.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

FeeSynergy’s customer-centric approach is highlighted by the strength of relationships with our clients. As the businesses initial growth began with word of mouth, FeeSynergy’s success starts from the Demo and continues throughout the ongoing support and innovative platform developments. But don’t just take our word for it… here’s what some of their clients have this to say about their experience…

“The experienced team at FeeSynergy have a great understanding of how accounting firms work and the challenges associated with collecting fees for services provided. After three months of implementing the Collect debtor management system we can already see the benefits of reduced debtor days and increased efficiency in our debt collection process.”

Belinda Butler – Perks CA

“We implemented FeeSynergy late last year and it is hands down the best experience I have ever had implementing a new system. It is an excellent program and the support we received from FeeSynergy staff during the implementation and roll out was excellent! If you are frustrated by your debtor management process, then don’t even think twice, you will love FeeSynergy.”

Melissa Burrows – Turnbull Hill Lawyers 

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