FeeSynergy Payment Gateway now available to NZ accounting firms

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We live in a world of online payments. COVID-19 has only reinforced the fact that clients want simple to use 24/7 online payment facilities and peace of mind when making such transactions. In this day and age, accounting firms who do not offer online payment facilities will be seen by their clients to be “behind the times”.


FeeSynergy’s Online Payment Gateway is the most widely used by Australian accounting firms and is now available to NZ accounting firms. FeeSynergy has proudly partnered with BNZ to bring the best possible solution to the NZ accounting market.


Ticks all the boxes …

ü  Mobile/tablet friendly – responsive design

ü  Invoice details pre-populated

ü  Distinguishes between Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards

ü  Low Merchant fees

ü  Fully embedded in your website

ü  Bank to Bank processing for security and peace of mind

ü  Credit Card details not retained by you or us – PCI DSS compliant

ü  Data processed in New Zealand

ü  Exclusive Monthly Payment Option


For more information email info@feesynergy.com.au

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