Leveraging the mantle of Trusted Advisor

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In a 2017 Roy Morgan “Image of Professions” survey, Accountants rated highly compared with many other professional groups http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7244-roy-morgan-image-of-professions-may-2017-201706051543 . In the current pandemic/economic environment, it is likely that this rating amongst the business community is even higher.

This survey supports our long-held view that accountants are in the enviable position of being able to diversify into other (aligned) areas of professional services.

One of the more potentially attractive of these service lines is in the area of risk management and general insurance broking. In terms of synergy, this makes sense and in fact a number of our accounting clients already run successful GI businesses adding to their enterprise value.

FeeSynergy has close association with a specialist consulting group who exists solely to assist accounting firms establish their own in-house GI broker services. If you would like an introduction to this group and find out more please email malcolme@feesynergy.com.au

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