Why your business should be using Automated Email!

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The ever-developing industry that is digital marketing is proving to be extremely beneficial for businesses of any niche. With constant competition comes constant developments in strategy, software and implementation. Which is very quick in the digital world.

An underutilised service within the myriad of options in digital marketing is an ‘oldy but a goody’, Email Marketing. It is often referred to as the “hidden gem”.

Email marketing is proven to increase engagement, traffic, leads and sales when implemented correctly. We know there are marketers out there that bombard your inbox with an obscene amount of irrelevant and robotic messages. This is not what we call a correctly implemented email marketing campaign.

We’re talking sophisticated, intuitive and personalised campaigns, that streamlines communication between you and your clientele. Email automation is an opportunity to nurture your audience while saving time and money –  a win-win situation.

What exactly is Automated Email Marketing?

It’s literally in the title. But to put it simply it is utilising software that automatically keeps you connected with your audience and allows you to speak to them directly based on their behaviours, preferences and previous actions. As we mentioned above, it streamlines your communication with your audience with sophistication so it seems like a real person is pushing them in the right direction of the desired action like a purchase, a phone call etc.

Sounds good hey? But where is the proof!?

Automated email campaigns are proven to work. It is not uncommon to see 199% higher click rates than a traditional broadcast (an email to your entire database), as well as a reduction in your marketing spend by up to 80%!

As mentioned previously, a correctly implemented and managed email marketing campaign is the most cost-effective and customer-driven digital marketing strategy.

How can it help your company?

Grow your Brand & Client Base

Through offering some sort of ungated value such as a discounted product or service to people who opt-in with an email address, you build a client base that can enter an automated email sequence. When this person opts in they then move through a series of automated emails that are set up in alignment with your businesses desired goal like a purchase or scheduling a phone call to talk about services etc.

Boost Sales & Customer Loyalty

It is important to give this database some loving! By building a client base and only wanting them to complete your desired goal (purchase etc) you’re building a relationship that is selfishly one-sided.

Using automation triggers such as wishing your audience a happy birthday, indoctrinating new customers properly through a series of welcome emails, thanking first-time clients for their purchase or rewarding loyal customers or clients with discounts based on their engagement is the k

ey to building trust, establishing authority and increasing overall sales.

There’s a method for everyone, no matter what industry, that can be based on different segments identified within your target market and their behaviours.

Re-customise & re-engage

We can’t guarantee that your automated email will get each prospects attention every time, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t adjust your email marketing strategy for next time. Automation is about creating the perfect situation for every circumstance.

Your customers being engaged with you is what your business relies on. When these customers lose interest or become less engaged with your brand it has the potential for them to lose interest in your brand entirely, but with a re-engagement or win-back campaign, you can re-ignite their interest in your business. Through offering relevant content or even asking for some feedback of why they aren’t as engaged can win back an unengaged customer. Through automation and triggered campaigns you can always show you’re interested in them, respect the relationship and show them that you want them to stay a part of your brand.

Ultimately, there are many different approaches you can take to creating the perfect email campaign through automation, it depends on what the goal or outcome is from your campaign.

Greenfish Marketing specialises in Email and Automated Marketing. Our team of experts can assist your business in strategising an automatic email plan to increase efficiency and improve engagement, in order to grow your company faster and more seamlessly. Contact us today here or email us at hello@greenfish.com.au.



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